Wednesday, May 9, 2012

READy or Not READy

This are the reading books I am using to teach my preschooler to read Tagalog (our native language).
We started late last month.
So far, so good.
I felt that she's ready to read because she already show interest with reading.
She loves reading story books with me.
She even ask where is this "word" in the book I am reading for her.
I can also see her playing as if she can read.
At age 4 & 9 months, she already started learning to read, little by little.
I wish I started earlier but I guess, its the right time for her.
I bought this books from National Bookstore.
The yellow one, "Bagong Alpabeto", I bought it on sale and there was only 2 of it left, the other one was in not so good condition already but still useable.
Its an old edition and it was also a reading book our mother used for me and my siblings when we also started reading.
Even though it is an old edition, Its still good and easy to use for reading.
My daughter enjoyed using it.
The other one, "Halika at Magsanay", is also a good book and its a newest reading book left in NBS when I bought it there.
There is also a writing exercises inside.
I am trying to teach and review my daughter with it everyday but I often use the yellow one so far.
After teaching and learning from this books, I have other plans for her to learn reading, including English.

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