Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

 Wow its Mother's Day!
One of my favorite occasion.
When I knew about Whats in the Bible site through twitter, I grabbed right away a FREE Mother's Day project there for my daughter & niece.
There's a lot of other free & fun activities for kids you can find there.
I just read the questions for my daughter & wrote it there for her & then she signed her name below with her sweet "I love You Jane" sign.
I'm so touched.
My niece can already answer it on her own & she even colored it to show it to her mom.
My daughter was sick when we did it (but she's getting better now) that's why she's not in the mood to color hers.
I scanned it & post it online so that my niece's mom can see it because her mom is in abroad working.
Mine is just to brag it (because I'm a mom & i'm proud of it) & to share with family & friends. ;)
It is fun, easy to do & like what I've said, so touching.
You will also know whats on their mind by answering the questions.
This is our very first homeschooling project.
I'm glad I was able to do it also with my niece.

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