Saturday, April 28, 2012

Home School or Traditional?

That was the question kept repeating on my mind when I considered homeschooling for my prep this school year.

I've been searching for a good school since January for my daughter this coming June because we already decided to move to our new house in Laguna this summer vacation.
I already have lists of Catholic schools in Laguna I consider for my child but just this month, I came across again with Bro Bo Sanchez homeschooling, the Catholic Filipino Academy (CFA).

I already knew about it but I am not interested about it before.
I really had a hard time looking for a new school because I am considering so many things, as much as possible, it must be the same with her former school in Kinder, which my family already loved, The Nazarene Catholic School in Manila.

But because we already decided to move, we also need to transfer her.
So I prayed that God will help me to decide & find a new good school for my baby and that's the time I searched on CFA!

I guess that was already the answer, that's why I decided to home school her with CFA.
I still need to attend an orientation, they will inform me on their next orientation before I can enroll my daughter with CFA.
I was in mixed emotions but after researching and praying about it, I am now more excited about it!