Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

 Wow its Mother's Day!
One of my favorite occasion.
When I knew about Whats in the Bible site through twitter, I grabbed right away a FREE Mother's Day project there for my daughter & niece.
There's a lot of other free & fun activities for kids you can find there.
I just read the questions for my daughter & wrote it there for her & then she signed her name below with her sweet "I love You Jane" sign.
I'm so touched.
My niece can already answer it on her own & she even colored it to show it to her mom.
My daughter was sick when we did it (but she's getting better now) that's why she's not in the mood to color hers.
I scanned it & post it online so that my niece's mom can see it because her mom is in abroad working.
Mine is just to brag it (because I'm a mom & i'm proud of it) & to share with family & friends. ;)
It is fun, easy to do & like what I've said, so touching.
You will also know whats on their mind by answering the questions.
This is our very first homeschooling project.
I'm glad I was able to do it also with my niece.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

READy or Not READy

This are the reading books I am using to teach my preschooler to read Tagalog (our native language).
We started late last month.
So far, so good.
I felt that she's ready to read because she already show interest with reading.
She loves reading story books with me.
She even ask where is this "word" in the book I am reading for her.
I can also see her playing as if she can read.
At age 4 & 9 months, she already started learning to read, little by little.
I wish I started earlier but I guess, its the right time for her.
I bought this books from National Bookstore.
The yellow one, "Bagong Alpabeto", I bought it on sale and there was only 2 of it left, the other one was in not so good condition already but still useable.
Its an old edition and it was also a reading book our mother used for me and my siblings when we also started reading.
Even though it is an old edition, Its still good and easy to use for reading.
My daughter enjoyed using it.
The other one, "Halika at Magsanay", is also a good book and its a newest reading book left in NBS when I bought it there.
There is also a writing exercises inside.
I am trying to teach and review my daughter with it everyday but I often use the yellow one so far.
After teaching and learning from this books, I have other plans for her to learn reading, including English.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

School, Anyone?

This are the lists of the Catholic Schools I searched since January this year to consider for my daughter when I was not for Homeschooling yet.
This are all in Binan & near Binan/in San Pedro, Laguna.

Alpha Angelicum Academy
Golden Meadow Subd. San Antonio, Biñan, Laguna 
Ms. Marlene M. Alon; 511-3450 

Amazing Grace School
San Vicente, San Pedro, Laguna 
Ms. Herminia M. Bien; 868-0527

Ann Arbor Montessori School
Southville Subd. Bo. Calaboso, Biñan,Laguna 
Ms. Libertad F. Grajo; 512-8012
Brgy. Biñan, Laguna
Sr. Teresita Furuki; 541-2954
P6A5 Pacita Complex I, San Pedro, Laguna
Mrs. Rosario G. Acierto; 808-0270
Mindanao Drives St. V. Macaria Vil. Canlalay Biñan, Laguna
Mr. Restituto V. Ramos; 698-8641
Juana Complex, San Francisco, Biñan, Laguna
Rev. Fr. Manuel M. Vergara OSA
B-12,L-24-25,Holiday Homes III, San Pedro, Laguna
Efren R. Racoma; 868-8312
Evangel Christian Academy Company Profile

Grinhar Academy & Montessori School
Cataquiz Subd. San Pedro, Laguna
Ms. Magdalena M. Almazan; 520-3030
Mapiles Grinhar Academy and Montessori School

Holy Family of Nazareth School
Rose Ville Subd. II Casile, Biñan, Laguna
Ms. Gloria P. Lazareto; 511-9683
Holy Family of Nazareth School Facebook Page

Holy Infant Jesus of Praque Cath. School
St. Francis Vil. Antonio, Biñan, Laguna
Ms. Feliza D. Abuda; 511-6713
South City Homes, Biñan, Laguna
Sr. Teresima Mancini; 512-7118
Wikimapia Holy Spirit

Immaculate Heart of Mary School
Pacita II, Guevarra Subd. San Pedro, Laguna
Ms. Felicidad Dunglao; 847-3756
Sampaguita, Village ,San Pedro, Laguna
Ms. Raquel Ilmedo; 868-5957
Wikimapia Jesus the Risen Savior School

Joseph & Mary Academy
Rainbow Ave. Pacita Complex II, San Pedro, Laguna
Ms. Editha P. Marfori; 847-4809

Our Lady of Assumption School
Main Rd. Villa Olympia Subd. San Pedro, Laguna
Ms. Exuferencia C. Mina; 808-2902
Wikipedia Our Lady of Assumption College

Our Lady of Miraculous Medal School
P-4, B-21 L-4-6, Pacita Complex, San Pedro, Laguna
Mrs. Shirley T. Andres; 869-3175
San Carlos St. South City Homes, Biñan, Laguna
Pastora L. Ubaldo; 241-6859
Wikimapia PAG-IBIG Christian Church

Panorama Montessori School
Nat'l. Hi-way, Canlalay, Biñan, Laguna
Mr. Victor C. Vergara; 511-7292

San Francisco de Sales School
Nat'l. Hi-way San Pedro, Laguna
Mrs. Teresita L. Ferrer; 868-9640

San Geronimo Emiliani School
Rosario Complex, San Pedro, Laguna
Mr. Macrinio J.R. Tancinco; 869-2302
Dr. A.R. Gonzales St. Biñan, Laguna
Mr. Antonio Layaca

San Lorenzo School
Mayumi St. USPS, San Vicente, San Pedro, Laguna
Mrs. Miriam P. Santos; 869-1069
P-3,B-3,L-3, Juana Complex, Biñan, Laguna 
Ms. Elvira A. Calderon

St. Paul Montessori School
St. Joseph Vil. San Vicente, San Pedro, Laguna
Ms. Divina Ambutong; 868-9016
St. Paul Montessori School Facebook Page

St. Peter Academy
Landayan, San Pedro, Laguna
Mrs. Engracia C. Montalez; 808-0593
Wikimapia St. Peter Academy

St. Therese of the Child Jesus School
15 Topaz St. St. Francis Home 3, San Pedro, Laguna

St. Vincent De Paul Mont. & Science (HS)
South Fairway Homes Classic Landayan, San Pedro, Laguna
Mrs. Leticia B. Llamoso; 847-8595

Sta. Catalina College
San Antonio Biñan, Laguna
Sr. Ma. Seldita C. Tiorosio OP; 511-6073
218 Malaya St. United San Pedro, Laguna
Ms. Erlinda P. Olanday; 520-0954
United Montessorean School Facebook
Wikimapia United Montessorean School

University of Perpetual Help System
Perpetual Google Map

Sto. Tomas, Biñan, Laguna 4024
Telephone: (049) 512-7120 / (02) 699-2152
Fax: (049) 512-7120

My personal choice is the Colegio San Agustin because in my research, it is highly recommended not only by other parents but also by my relative & friend who lives in Laguna.
I want my daughter to enter in this school if ever I will consider traditional school  again for my child.

If you want to look for other schools from other cities in Laguna or you want to look for other schools not listed above, you can visit this Laguna sites:

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Home School or Traditional?

That was the question kept repeating on my mind when I considered homeschooling for my prep this school year.

I've been searching for a good school since January for my daughter this coming June because we already decided to move to our new house in Laguna this summer vacation.
I already have lists of Catholic schools in Laguna I consider for my child but just this month, I came across again with Bro Bo Sanchez homeschooling, the Catholic Filipino Academy (CFA).

I already knew about it but I am not interested about it before.
I really had a hard time looking for a new school because I am considering so many things, as much as possible, it must be the same with her former school in Kinder, which my family already loved, The Nazarene Catholic School in Manila.

But because we already decided to move, we also need to transfer her.
So I prayed that God will help me to decide & find a new good school for my baby and that's the time I searched on CFA!

I guess that was already the answer, that's why I decided to home school her with CFA.
I still need to attend an orientation, they will inform me on their next orientation before I can enroll my daughter with CFA.
I was in mixed emotions but after researching and praying about it, I am now more excited about it!